International Flag Party on 27 October

Party Zone University

Date: 27 October at 20.00-5.00

Venue: Living Room

Hey there amazing International People!

Would you like to #celebrate diversity through an amazing Flag Party? 🤔 Bring your #flags 🏳️, paint your #faces 🖌️ and show the world that WE ARE ONE 🙌! What’s going to happen? We’ll make the most #colorfulparty of the year! 😍

What should you expect❓
❤️ Amazing time with your friends
🏳️ Colorful flags and decors
🎨 Nicely painted friendly faces
🎉 Celebrating diversity
🍺 Cool drink discounts
🕺🏻 1000 international students

~ soon

▶️ Before event: International Flag Parade by ESN Hungary

Before the Flag Party we will have the Flag Parade, in which #hundreds of exchange students from all over Hungary will #march on the streets of Budapest with #national_flags to show to the world: #UnityInDiversity! 🙌

⭐ ESN BBS ⭐ ESN BME ⭐ ESN Corvinus ⭐ ESN Debrecen ⭐ ESN Eszterházy ⭐ ESN ELTE ⭐ ESN HEALTH BP ⭐ ESN Győr ⭐ ESN IBS ⭐ ESN METROPOLITAN ⭐ ESN Miskolc ⭐ ESN NUPS ⭐ ESN Óbuda University ⭐ ESN Pécs ⭐ ESN Szeged ⭐ ESN SZIE ⭐

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