Karaoke Night on 8 November

Party Zone University

Date: 8 November at 21.00-0.00

Venue: Bakelit Music Cafe

Do you think you have the best voice ever or at least the loudest? 🎶😜 Do you have a favorite song that you always wanted to sing in front of everyone? 🎤😜

You’ll have the opportunity to show your talent and amaze your friends while having a lot of fun! 🤩

🎉 Come to our second Karaoke Night 🎤 in this semester at Bakelit Music Cafe’ ( Official ) where greatest hits, awkward singing and failed rapping will be guaranteed. At the end of the night say bye to your voice after singing each song screaming! 🎉

🎙▶ Click here to fill the participation form, which songs you would like to sing: https://debrecen.esn.hu/events/karaoke-night-esn-debrecen-2 ◀🎙

🎶 Train your vocal cords and see you on the 8th of November at 21:00! 🎶

ESN Debrecen

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