Photo Contest by ESN Debrecen

Culture University

Date: 14-27 October

Take your photo❗📷

Let’s see how good your photos are and join our Photography contest for free.🏁🏆
If you want to compare your skills with others send us your best photo of the following topics:

1. Environmental protection 🌱🌳
💬Think globally, act locally💬

2. Social awareness🤝👥
💬You have two hands, one to help yourself, the second to help others💬

Send 1 photo for each of the topics to our email❗
Deadline: 27 October 2019 🕛 12:00 PM
Don’t forget to write your full name and the category in your e-mail!

All the pictures will be posted on our offical facebook page ➡️
And the winner 👑 will be who gets the most likes👍
Likes will be counted till 6 November 2019❗

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