IEAS Mental Health Awareness Workshops: Invisible Illnesses


The Institute of English and American Studies continues its series of events launched last Spring, the IEAS Mental Health Awareness Workshops.

The third session will be held on 12 February.

The event will be led by two former IEAS students, Orsolya Szabó and Réka Kovács, and we will also have a special guest, Dr. Siró Péter neurologist.
Similarly to the previous occasions, Orsi and Réka will share their experiences about living with chronic pain and/or a so-called invisible illness (Crohn’s disease and migranies, respectively), and then Dr. Siró Péter will approach the question from a medical perspective.

Just like last time, you will be able to ask open and/or anonymous questions, and after the presentations we are planning to have an open, informal, friendly discussion.

Venue: Studio 111, Main bldg.

Everybody’s very welcome!

Let’s take care (of ourselves and each other)!

The language of the event is English.

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