More than a hundred students from Debrecen received rewards for their outstanding academic achievements


The students of the University of Debrecen who achieved outstanding academic results and performed outstanding work in the professional field were awarded the national higher education application scholarship.

Based on the ranking proposed by the university, the minister responsible for higher education personally awards scholarships to students with exceptional performance. A total of 219 people applied from the University of Debrecen this year, of which 103 students won the grant.

Applications for scholarships were received from all faculties of the University of Debrecen, most of them applied from the Faculty of Economics (39), and many also applied from BTK (31) and TTK (33). The most successful assessment was at the Faculty of General Medicine, where a total of seventeen university students received a one-year scholarship. .

Those who participate in full-time undergraduate or master’s programs or full-time courses, have applied for at least two semesters in their current or previous studies, and obtained at least 55 credits in the last two active semesters were eligible for the scholarship, paid in equal installments for a total of HUF 400,000 over ten months in the case of students graduating in the major or semester in the majors on the basis of which the results were submitted.

The performance of the applicant students was evaluated in a scoring system, the ranking of the applications was done by faculty, based on the total score of the applicants. Students who complete their studies in the fall semester but continue at the university even in the spring semester are also eligible for the scholarship.

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