Compulsory vaccination was prescribed for health care students at the University of Debrecen


An exemption can only be granted in justified cases, otherwise, the student may not attend classes.

Students studying at the Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Public Health of the University of Debrecen and students attending their preparatory courses, as well as those who enter health or social institutions due to their studies, are obliged to receive at least the first vaccination by the sixth of September. – is revealed in a letter written jointly by the Rector of the University of Debrecen and the President of the Clinical Center.

The university has confirmed that the letter is real, whoever does not vaccinate him/herself will miss classes. An exemption may be granted to a person who has a medical certificate stating that vaccination is not recommended for health reasons. The decision was made under a law passed in late July that made vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers.

Vaccination is now mandatory for healthcare workers in Hungary

The institution, in agreement with the government, believes that vaccination against the epidemic is the most effective weapon, so all students who have not yet done so are advised to vaccinate themselves.

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