Doctorate and honorary doctorate ceremony at the University of Debrecen


92 new doctors from five scientific fields received their diplomas at the University of Debrecen’s doctoral and honorary doctorate inauguration ceremony in the Main Building Hall. The titles of habilitated doctorate, Professor Emeritus, and Doctor honoris causa were also presented at the event, writes

Among the university celebrations, the most outstanding is the doctoral ceremony, at which – after successful academic training and obtaining a degree – students can receive their doctoral diploma. Today you are professional researchers, whether you are doctors, chemists, or even historians. This occasion is the worthy beginning of the decades in which, armed with exceptional knowledge, they can serve humanity in the future

– said Zoltán Szilvássy, rector of the University of Debrecen in his celebratory speech.

In the fields of social sciences, natural sciences and IT, agricultural sciences, humanities, and medical and health sciences, 78 out of 92 candidates met the requirements for obtaining a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree with 14 cum laude qualifications.

“…I promise that I will behave in a manner worthy of the doctors of the University of Debrecen. To the best of my knowledge, I am working to improve the reputation of the university. By respecting scientific ethics, I serve scientific progress, universal human culture and the preservation of national values…”

– the new doctors made a vow during the ceremony.

My dear new fellow doctors! With the document received a few minutes ago, you obtained a Ph.D. degree. Our university has declared you mature and suitable for independent research work in domestic and international academic life. Allow me to greet you on behalf of myself, the Senate and the management of the university and wish you the best of luck in your academic careers!

– the rector greeted the graduates.

The ceremony continued with the awarding of habilitated doctorates: 2 in the field of agricultural sciences, 4 in the field of humanities, 2 in the field of technical sciences, 12 in the field of medicine and health sciences, 8 in the field of social sciences, 5 in the field of natural sciences, a total of 33 university lecturers fulfilled the requirements of the habilitation procedure.

The Senate awarded the title of Professor Emeritus to nine retired teachers of the institution: István Bányai, Gyula Batta, Péter Csorba, Viktor Dombrádi, Ferenc Erdődi, Klára Papp, László Somsák, Gábor Szabó and János Szöllősi.

In the spring of 2008, the UD Senate established the University of Debrecen Publication Award. The recognition can be awarded to the lecturer or researcher who published the results of the research work at the institution in a prestigious professional publication and made it available in the university database. This time, five people from the university’s priority research areas received the award.

At the event, the University of Debrecen named Sorin J. Brull, a professor at the Mayo Clinic, Florida, in the United States, among its honorary doctors.

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