The University of Debrecen presented itself in Florida


The University of Debrecen showcased its educational, research, and innovation development directions, best practices, and international connections at the Hungarian Summit diplomatic conference in Florida. The event was attended by Pető Károly, Deputy Rector General, Nagy Péter, President of the GTIDEA Scientific and Social Advisory Council, and Bács Zalán, representing the Institute of Sport Sciences Coordination.

Built upon the synergy of professionalism and community unity, the University offered opportunities for dialogue, exchange of experiences, and partnership building in education, business life, community, culture, and sports at its recent summit focused on strengthening US-Hungarian relations, organized by the nonprofit organization HungarianHub. The University of Debrecen participated in the event to present its educational portfolio, academic and sports strategies, and the achievements attained in these areas.

– During the conference, opportunities emerged for developing innovative educational programs, student exchange possibilities, and collaborative research projects among universities, underscoring the importance of educational connections between the two nations. The meeting also facilitated networking and career development opportunities, as well as the exchange of best practices and forging connections in crucial areas of sports and community building for the University of Debrecen – emphasized Pető Károly, Deputy Rector General.

Panel discussions on the possibilities inherent in academic relationship-building between American and Hungarian universities featured representatives from domestic and American institutions, including the University of Central Florida, Stetson University, Robert Morris University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Daytona State College, alongside several professional organizations dealing with higher education issues.

– The relationships between the two countries in higher education are of paramount importance, with collaborative activities based on traditions, joint achievements, and dialogue serving as exemplary models. Thanks to the presence of the University of Debrecen, the visibility and influence of Hungarian scientific endeavors in the United States can be further enhanced – highlighted Nagy Péter, President of the GTIDEA Scientific and Social Advisory Council.

During the summit, experts from Hungarian and American higher education institutions discussed business, educational, and community sections, gaining insights into the University of Central Florida’s accelerator program encompassing nine incubator houses, activities of the American Department of Defense, as well as the work of economic development agencies and organizations in Florida.


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