Mask wearing is obligatory at the University of Debrecen, but you can still enter events without it


We can be aware of a strange anomaly in the case of epidemiological restrictions applied at the University of Debrecen.

While it is mandatory to wear a mask during school hours, university citizens can enter events without a mask – as we have learned, there is a condition for this.

The press office of the University of Debrecen informed us that only those with a vaccination card can take part in the events and sports events in the university – in the manner regulated by the government decree,

but the law does not oblige participants to present a vaccination card during work and during instruction, so a mask obligation has been introduced to protect the community, especially for unvaccinated students and colleagues.

As mentioned above, the students not wearing a mask in the ball photos on DEHÖK’s Facebook page all have a certificate of protection, which the authority has checked several times and found to be okay at the events. (Unfortunately, we didn’t find a photo to show this.)

Otherwise, of course, no rules prohibit wearing a mask at these events.

Photos: Facebook / DEHÖK

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