Sauna Programmes in August


Tuesday 11th of August – Péter Mészáros

6:00 pm Relax

6:40 pm Among Flowers

7:30 pm Icy


Wednesday 12th of August – Attila Varga (free sauna programmes!)

6:00 pm Fruity Magic

6:40 pm Refreshing Scents

7:30 pm Icy


Thursday 13th of August – Péter Skita (free sauna programmes!)

6:00 pm Relax

6:40 pm Summer Storm

7:30 pm Icy


Friday 14th of August  – Boglárka Szép (free sauna programmes!)

6:00 pm Scents of the East

6:40 pm Exotic

7:30 pm Icy


Saturday 15th of August – Boglárka Szép, Péter Mészáros

5:00 pm Relax

5:45 pm Peeling with Rum

6:30 pm Honey and Olive Pleasures


Sunday 16th of August – Tímea Végh, Boglárka Szép

5:00 pm Deep Forest

5:45 pm Magical See

6:30 pm Coffee Shop Feeling

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