Aquaticum Sauna World, 21-26 June


Program of the Aquaticum Sauna World for 21-26 June

21 June, Tuesday – Sauna master: Péter Skita

18.00: Eastern relax

18.40: Scent of meadows

19.20: Hungarian icy


22 June, Wednesday – Sauna master: Anita Varga

18.00: Relax

18.40: Hello Summer!

19.20: Icy


23 June, Thursday – Sauna master: Péter Mészáros

18.00: Chilling

18.40: Refreshment

19.20: Icy


24 June, Friday – Sauna master: Nikolett Mudri

18.00: Today is my birthday…

18.40: Party

19.20: Icy


25 June, Saturday – Sauna master: Péter Mészáros (Tickets: 300 HUF/program)

17.00: French relax

17.45: Sweet peeling

18.30: Meringue


26 June, Sunday – Sauna masters: Nikolett Mudri and Péter Mészáros (Tickets: 300 HUF/program)

17.00: Summer chilling

17.45: Mint peeling

18.30: Sweet honey


Take part in our sauna programs conducted by professional sauna masters!

Sauna programs:

  • Sauna programs offer a much more intensive experience than the traditional sauna. Regarding both the experience and the medical effects, all characteristics of a sauna are multiplied during a sauna program.
  • The sauna programs are conducted by a professional sauna master who gradually increases the humidity of the cabin and thus the thermal sensation of the guests in a way that he directs and ventilates the hot air directly onto the skin of the guests with his flag and towel.
  • During each program, the sauna master stays within the sauna with the guests and he tries to create a pleasant mood and to provide an intensive and refreshing experience to the guests.
  • During the sauna programs of 15 minutes, the sauna master helps one to relax with special aromas making one feel hotter and hotter. With customized ventilation, he sends shivers down the spine of the participants. During the programs, the master makes skin care creams from natural materials. After the body scrub, a pleasant hydrating pack is put onto the skin, which is as beneficial as an advanced cosmetic treatment. During the pottings, one can get acquainted with the culture and history of taking sauna and can learn a lot about this way of recreation.
  • One can take part in our sauna programs only in sauna sheets or sauna clothes, according to the prescriptions of the healthy sauna bathing.

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