From experiment to art: Photographs by Man Ray


The imposing exhibition of the MODEM provides an overview of the photography career of the artist, who reformed the photographic language of the 20thcentury, from his experimental works to surrealistic fashion photos.

Beside Dadaism and avant-garde painting, Man Ray (1890-1976) had studied the experiments and modes of expression of the medium, which were all new in that period, since the early stage of his career. In addition to his rayographs, the compositions formed by shadow casting objects and materials under an enlarger, he intervened in the process of enlargement in order to make unique prints and interpret the camera as a tool not for documentation but producing art. His works served as a model and a starting point for the following generations, so he is considered as one of the reformers of the language of modern photography.

The MODEM offers an insight into the works of the artist, from his early photographs to his compositions created after the WWII. We can get acquainted with his self-portraits as well as portraits of women that often show examples of situations, which are unrealistic, humorous and represent the inspirations of the world of artists of the age. At the exhibition, the viewer not only becomes acquainted with the way of thinking of a remarkable artist through more than a hundred works, but also gains an insight into the playful and experimental artistic attitude of the first half of the 20th century, which allowed everything that could have contributed to the renewal of photography.



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