After 24 Years Healthy Baby Born of Frozen Embryo


After 24 years – which is a record – a healthy baby was born of a frozen embryo in the United States.MTI reports that Tina Gibson and her husband, Benjamin from Tennessee, USA “adopted” the embryo – which was frozen back in 1992 – in NEDC (National Embryo Donation Center). The embryo was implanted this March, 24 years after it had been frozen in the centre.

The 33-year-old Benjamin has a cystic fibrosis – one of the most common congenital genetic disorders – which can cause infertility in men. The couple had been thinking about adopting children, but later they decided that they would use a frozen embryo transfer instead.

The couple’s baby, Emma was born on the 25th of November. Uniqueness of the story that the embryo was frozen only one and a half year after the birth of Tina.

NEDC is using frozen embryos that had not been used by couples, and therefore they are given to others.

The world’s first baby that was born of a frozen embryo was born in 1984, in Australia.




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