Stories of Success I.: Dr. Györgyi Cicas | Carnegie Mellon University, USA

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Date: 28 September at 17.00-18.30

Venue: American Corner Debrecen, Méliusz Juhász Péter County Library, 19/D Bem Tér

Presenter: Dr. Györgyi Cicas, environmental engineer

Language of the program: English

Some of the major differences between the U.S. and Hungarian cultures are that the former one fully supports and appreciates the individuals’ “can do” attitude, focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses, it is target oriented, and encourages teamwork while accepts individual freedom. These characteristics are reflected also in the educational system: it focuses on acquiring practical knowledge, teaches students to use what they learn, and requires students to work in teams. The outcome is a creative, uplifting environment that motivates individuals to find their strengths, to figure out what would make them happy, to define their goals and to follow their dreams. Really.

This presentation will introduce a career path that started in the very eastern corner of the pre-EU Hungary, moved to the U.S. two days before 9/11, then returned to the EU with a solid plan to create something big. Learnings will be presented: challenges one faces when working in the American culture, and experiences when we want live with the positive American attitude in today’s Hungary.


Dr. Cicas got her Ph.D at Carnegie Mellon University where she developed a state level economic input-output analysis based environmental life cycle assessment model. After working for one year as postdoctoral researcher, in 2006 she joined the CEEMEA Central Engineering team of Procter and Gamble. She worked on several capacity optimization and cost saving projects as process engineer, later as project manager. Dr. Cicas was promoted to technology leader in 2011, became the program manager of a multi-million dollar project involving production lines on four sites. She was appointed to CEEMEA capital systems manager in 2012, managing capital investments on six FemCare sites in Hungary, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. In 2014 she moved to LEGO operations taking the role of senior production manager. She was the leader of 300 employees, managed the implementation of proactive operating culture and the improvement of productivity. Since 2016 November Dr. Cicas is leading the building of startup ecosystem in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county and working on her own business.

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