Contaminated Jana Drinks Found in Stores


The National Food Safety Office (Nébih) launched an investigation based on public consumer complaints on the Jana strawberry and guava flavored soft drinks produced by Fonyód Mineral Water Ltd.In a short period of time, Nébih’s customer service received a number of announcements from costumers, in which it was indicated that the 1.5 liter Jana strawberries and guava-flavored soft drinks marketed by Fonyód Mineral Water Ltd. had some quality problems. Complaints coming from the costumers have been supported by laboratory tests – Nébih writes on its website.

Some of the 1.5-liter products, according to the buyers’ complaints, had a strange odor that reminded some people of some kind of a chemical. Costumers also found floating, opaque flakes on the surface of the drinks.

The distributor recalls Jana strawberries and guava-flavored soft drinks with expiration date of 22.02.2019, 23.02.2019 and 24.02.2019.



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