Conjoined Twins Operated Successfully


Conjoined Bangladeshi twins Rabia and Rukia successfully underwent the implantation of a special, Hungarian-designed tissue expander system under the direction of plastic surgeon Dr. Gergely Pataki, founder of the Action for Defenceless People Foundation at Semmelweis University. This act brings the twins closer to their final separation.

The twins are in good health, and were allowed to leave the clinic. They have gone through general pediatric, laboratory, radiological, and infectiological examinations and tests at the Semmelweis University.

During the next few weeks, physicians from various medical fields will decide about the possibility of carrying out further examinations and operations in Budapest prior to the children’s final separation.

The first of the series of operations was carried out in 2018 in Bangladesh under the direction of Dr. István Hudák, a contributor to the Action for Defenceless People Foundation.




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