DEAC: The Biggest University Sports Club

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Championship matches, training, fight and victory – the everyday events of the University of Debrecen’s Athletic Club have been captured by the Multimedia and E-Learning Technical Center. The film presents the most populous sections from football to cheerleading.

More than a thousand youngsters and older people are competing in the traditional black and white colors of DEAC. Thus, based on the number of certified athletes, the Athletics Club of the University of Debrecen is the largest university sports club in Hungary. Founded in the summer of 1919, today, DEAC with its nationwide unique mentoring program, modern infrastructure and innovative initiatives serves as a role model in the Hungarian higher education system. In addition to the traditional ballgames, youngsters can try out beach soccer, bridge, cheerleading or sailing in the 15 sections. What is more, the country’s first higher education e-sports section called DEAC-Hackers also works here! Several teams of the club are members of the national team. The men’s basketball, futsal and volleyball players are all competing on the highest level, furthermore, men’s handball players and floorballs, as well as female soccer players play in the second division. The university club’s soccer team has been recently promoted to NB III with a real feat. Younger members of the sections have also achieved good results, for example, the women’s cheerleader team is national champion. Students have thus achieved success after success in the spirit of Ernest Hemingway’s words: “Sport teaches us to win honestly and to lose with head erect. Therefore sport teaches us everything.”

Take a glimpse at the fights and successes –  the world of DEAC!



Photo: DEAC Official Facebook Page

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