International Dinner by ESN Debrecen

Party Zone University

Date: 6 November at 19.30-23.59

Venue: Klinika Egyetemi Klub


Have you ever wondered about what is the best thing of a trip to a foreign country? 😉

It is certainly the meeting with a different culture through cuisine and people. At this semester’s 🍽️ International Dinner 🍽️ you can have a taste of several cultures from all over the world. 😋

Your only job is to make your favorite national food and bring it to the event where you can taste the other national specialties to connect with people more. 😁

Food brings people together, so leave your tight clothes home and prepare for a multi-cultural binge eating! 😜

🇭🇺 The team of ESN Debrecen will also prepare a long table of Hungarian culinary experiences! 🇭🇺

💸 In case you do not want to cook and bring food, the entrance fee is 500Ft with ESNCard and 800FT without one! 💸

– You can prepare a dish alone or in a team, but only two-member teams are allowed –

♻️ Remember: This event is Eco-Friendly so bring your own glasses, plates, and cutlery and protect our environment together! #greenESN ♻️

👩🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳 Please fill this form if you will cook:

🥂🎉 After the event, there will be a HUGE party with DJ Aly (Aly Nabeeh). If you will not participate in the International Dinner, please note that you will have to pay 500Ft for entering the party 🎉🥂

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