Lívia Dobák, the former dramaturg of the Csokonai Theatre, has passed away


Lívia Dobák, Jászai Mari award winner and playwright awarded with the Lajos Bálint wandering ring, passed away at the age of sixty-seven, the Hungarian Theater Society and the Guild of Theater Dramaturgs informed MTI on Sunday.

According to their announcement, Lívia Dobák died on Sunday morning after a long, dignified illness. As recalled, Lívia Dobák graduated from the Theater and Film Academy in 1982 with a degree in theater theory. She worked as a dramaturg in several rural theaters and paved the way for contemporary Hungarian playwrights.

She worked at the National Theater in Pécs, the National Theater in Csokonai in Debrecen, and from 1993 she was an employee of the Budapest Puppet Theater, and between 2011 and 2016 she was the artistic director of the Bartók Chamber Theater in Dunaújváros.

She regularly participated in the work of the Guild of Theater Dramaturgs, in the organization of the Open Forum promoting the writing of contemporary Hungarian dramas. Such writers as Lajos Parti Nagy, János Háy, László Garaczi, Dani Varró, László Darvasi, or Szilárd Borbély could thank her for their start.



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