The average gross salary in December 2023 was HUF 655,600, according to the KSH

In December 2023, the gross average salary of full-time employees was HUF 655,600, and the net average salary calculated with allowances in mind was HUF 451,300. The gross average wage increased by 16.4 percent, the net average wage by 16.3 percent, and the real wage by 10.3 percent compared to a year earlier, the Central […]

Based on the numbers, Debrecen is really the second capital of the country

Debrecen plays in a completely different league among major domestic cities, with a total budget balance sheet of HUF 230 billion this year. The budget of the municipality, dubbed the country’s second capital, will therefore increasingly be comparable only to the budget of Budapest. There is no other municipality that would spend as much on […]

Lajos Barcsa reported on the details of Debrecen’s 2024 budget draft concerning the deputy mayor’s areas

After the presentation of this year’s city budget draft by Mayor László Papp, Lajos Barcsa presented the details of the municipality’s management, public education, sports and institutional renovation tasks on February 13, 2024.