Orha Építő Kft. From Nyíregyháza Launched an Investment Worth One Billion HuF


Orha Építő Kft. from Nyíregyháza, which deals with the production of metal structures and metalworking, has started a development worth almost one billion forints.


The company told MTI that it is developing its product range with the help of a HuF 497 million, conditionally non-refundable grant awarded at the tender of the Economic Development and Innovation Operative Program.

They will install a technology that will enable them to roll an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building element from rolling mill-sized sheet coils, which is more energy efficient than the Central European market offer and is almost 100 percent recyclable.

The investment with a total cost of HuF 994 million is expected to be completed by the beginning of next year.

The main activity of the company is the production of metal structures, i.e. the design and production of steel supporting structures. They deal with metalworking, which includes processing, shaping, rolling, edge bending and drilling of plates. In addition, they also design and manufacture metal building elements – they wrote.

According to public company data, in 2020, Orha Építő Kft. realized a net sales revenue of two billion HuF and a profit after tax of HuF 97 million. In 2021, the sales revenue of the company employing seven employees exceeded HuF three billion, and its profit was HuF 551 million.


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