Energy-Saving Measures Introduced in Hungary

Hungary’s government has mandated public institutions and state-owned companies to cut their gas consumption by 25% as an energy-saving measure, the prime minister’s chief of staff has said.

The rule does not apply to hospitals or social-care institutions, Gergely Gulyás told a regular press briefing. Gulyás said the energy supply situation was difficult all across Europe and rising energy prices had caused an economic crisis. “It’s clear that the sanctions policy has not lived up to expectations,” he said. Energy prices have skyrocketed, triggering an energy crisis, and Russia is pocketing extra profits, he said. While Hungary is not suffering from gas supply problems, rising prices are prompting prudent consumption, he added.


Hungary is currently running the largest household utility price support programme in Europe, he said. Price subsidies, up to average consumption, are available up to 150,000 forints (EUR 375) per household, he said.


Meanwhile, Gulyás said the government will cap firewood prices. Firewood will be also available for purchase in forestries, which will be able to provide 10 cubic meters of wood for all customers before the heating season, enough to heat a private household through the winter, he said.

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