The government increases the tax on gasoline and diesel


According to the 2024 tax draft that has just been submitted, the government will increase the excise tax on fuels, which alone could cause a price increase of HUF 30 per liter at wells, reports

  • The excise tax on gasoline increases from HUF 120 to HUF 152.55 per liter if the world market price of crude oil exceeds USD 50 per barrel, and if the global crude oil price remains below USD 50 per barrel, the excise duty increases from HUF 125 to HUF 157.55 tax.
  • The petroleum excise tax increases from HUF 124.2 to HUF 152.55 above the world oil price of USD 50 per barrel, from HUF 129.2 to HUF 157.55 below USD 50,
  • and the diesel tax increases from HUF 110.35 to HUF 142.9 per liter above USD 50, and HUF 120.35 to HUF 152.9 below USD 50.

Excise taxes on several other energy carriers were already raised in last year’s government decree on special taxes, but now this will be the “normal tax level”.


(Debreceni Nap)

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