Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 8 January 2021


In the week ending 8 January 2021 the net position of the Eurosystem in foreign currency (asset items 2 and 3 minus liability items 7, 8 and 9) decreased by EUR 6.5 billion to EUR 297.6 billion.

As a result of the Eurosystem’s open market operations and standing facilities, net lending to credit institutions (asset item 5 minus liability items 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 4) increased by EUR 136.1 billion to EUR 1,245.4 billion, mainly owing to the change in the level of the deposit facility (liability item 2.2).

Base money (liability items 1, 2.1 and 2.2) rose by EUR 143.7 billion to EUR 5,067.4 billion.

The change in the revaluation accounts (liability item 11) was due to the finalisation of the revaluation of the Eurosystem’s assets and liabilities in the context of the financial year 2020.

The table below provides the detailed breakdown of securities held for monetary policy purposes (asset item 7.1) into the different portfolios. All portfolios are accounted for at amortised cost.

Monetary policy securities portfolios Reported value as at 8 January 2021 Weekly change – purchases Weekly change – redemptions
Covered bond purchase programme 1 EUR 0.5 billion
Securities Markets Programme EUR 28.7 billion
Covered bond purchase programme 2 EUR 2.8 billion
Covered bond purchase programme 3 EUR 287.8 billion +EUR 0.6 billion -EUR 0.4 billion
Asset-backed securities purchase programme EUR 29.4 billion +EUR 0.0 billion -EUR 0.1 billion
Public sector purchase programme EUR 2,341.1 billion +EUR 4.6 billion -EUR 5.1 billion
Corporate sector purchase programme EUR 250.8 billion +EUR 0.8 billion -EUR 0.4 billion
Pandemic emergency purchase programme EUR 762.5 billion +EUR 11.7 billion -EUR 2.9 billion

The content and format of the weekly financial statement are set out in Annexes IV to VI of Guideline (EU) 2016/2249 of the European Central Bank of 3 November 2016 on the legal framework for accounting and financial reporting in the European System of Central Banks (ECB/2016/34).

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