V4 Leaders Call for EU to Back Egypt

Strengthening Egypt is in the European Union’s “vital interest”, Viktor Orbán said after a meeting of representatives of the Visegrad Group and Egypt in Budapest.

The prime minister told a press conference held jointly with Slovak counterpart Eduard Heger, Poland’s, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi that migration was much worse now than in 2015, and the EU could not cope without external partners such as Egypt, “one of the most obvious allies”. At the meeting, Morawiecki reported on the migration pressure at Poland’s eastern border, Orbán said, adding that the pressure on Hungary’s southern border was also increasing. “We are besieged,” the prime minister said, adding that if Egypt cannot pursue its current policies to rein in migration towards Europe, “we will all be in big trouble”. Egypt not only needs its border controls reinforced, the country’s economy should also be stabilised so that “local youth are offered opportunities of a good life,” Orbán said, adding that it was also in Europe’s interest. Orbán called on the EU to convene the EU/Egypt Association Council as soon as possible, accept Egypt as a strategic partner and approve its proposals against terrorism.



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