Security at Vienna airport has been strengthened


The security system of Vienna-Schwechat International Airport was strengthened with a vein scanner and other improvements.

At Austria’s largest airport, the control center managing the security zones received a new monitoring system as part of the modernization. This center manages more than 1,800 access points (such as doors or locks) and a total of 2,700 cameras and 1,300 access points in more than 40 buildings. But they also log here, for example, if a piece of luggage is left unattended, and then start the appropriate procedure.

Among the special solutions that have just been installed is that the doors at the airport’s Terminal 3 can appear to the traveling public as if they would magically open and lead them straight to their flight. This is made possible by a door control system coordinated with flight schedules, flight plans and the assignment of boarding gates, which is able to react quickly to changes – reads the announcement of Siemens, which offers the benefits of the solutions just introduced.

The highly protected areas of airports closed off from passengers are checked with strict video surveillance systems and two-factor authentication: in addition to the employee ID, biometric identification is used. Siemens SiPalm’s palm vein scanner is used for this, as this method works with a much lower error rate than fingerprint identification and is more convenient than the similarly reliable iris scanner.

During the project, the monitoring system was also more closely connected with the fire alarm centers. If they are signaled, the cameras in the affected area of the airport are immediately activated so that the necessary steps can be taken from the security center, for example, they can open the emergency exits if necessary, even if some electronic systems have failed.


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