EU aid: the impact of coronavirus in Africa could be devastating


Coronavirus in Africa could be devastating, which is why Europe’s response should go beyond our borders, said development committee chair Tomas Tobé.

Given the vulnerability of healthcare systems in many developing countries, the coronavirus could have devastating effects, warn members of Parliament’s development committee.

The EU is working to support its member states and cushion the economic impact in Europe, but the coronavirus is a pandemic and knows no borders. In a resolution from 17 April Parliament underlined the need for international cooperation and solidarity and a strengthening of the UN system, and the Wolrd Health Organization in particular.

EU global response to Covid-19

On 8 April the EU launched Team Europe, a package of more than €20 billion to help the most vulnerable countries, in particular in Africa and the EU’s neighbourhood, in the fight against the pandemic and its consequences. Most of this funding comes from reorienting existing EU funds and programmes.

Parliament supports efforts by the European Commision for a global response by the EU. MEPs have also joined calls from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to suspend debt paymentsby the world’s developing countries.

The whole article and interview can be read here.


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