A woman quit her job because she didn’t get a day off when her dog died


Her boss simply took note of her decision. A woman posted a video on TikTok saying she quit her job because her employer wouldn’t let her take a day off after her dog died, the Daily Dot reports.

Sarah said that she had been working in a laboratory for eight months, the exact name of which she did not say.


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One day she was informed that her 12-year-old dog had died.

With the help of her colleagues, she pulled out the rest of the shift, but wanted to take the next day off.

She wrote this to her boss, who did not reply. She texted him the next day and asked if she could have a day off, only to be told that it was considered an unexcused absence and she could be fired.

The woman had many health problems in the past, which prevented her from going to work, and her boss was satisfied with this, which is why he gave her such an ultimatum.

Sarah finally sent in her resignation 10 minutes before the end of her working hours, which her boss took note of.

The woman complained that her superior had previously accused her of lying about her medical condition, but not being able to mourn her dog was too much for her, giving her the impetus to leave this “toxic work environment”, writes 24.hu.


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