Pizza delivery man arrested for stealing 200.000 HUF

Local News Police

A 36-year-old pizza delivery man was arrested for stealing 200.000 Forints from a local pizzeria.

The owner of a local pizzeria called the police on 9 April 2018 that one of his employees stole 200.000 Forints from the cash-register of the restaurant. After the call, the police went to the scene and gathered all the necessary information. Within a short time, a delivery man, called Gábor K. was taken to the Debrecen police station for interrogation. Gábor K. admitted that he stole the money. He also mentioned that he wanted to multiply it in a local casino and his intention was to give the 200.000 HUF back if he had won at the casino. Unfortunately, he lost all the stolen money.

A procedure was initiated against the 36-year-old man on reasonable suspicion of theft.



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