Dog hater “questioned” by animal rights activists

Local News

A few weeks ago, a local man attacked dogs and their owners in a Debrecen open-air dog park.

Two local girls were attacked and threatened by a man in an open-air dog park in Újkert.

According to the available information, the man was annoyed by the dogs’ barking, so he kicked the animals and attacked the dog owners, spat on them, and he even chocked one of them. The man also threatened the two girls and said that he would find them, kill them and would poison all the dogs in the dog park.

After the incident, the man was taken to the police station, where a procedure was initiated against him on reasonable suspicion of animal abuse.

Apparently, local animal rights activist thought that the police’s punishment was not enough for the thirtyish man and they have also questioned him for what he did.

They have also posted a photo on their facebook account:




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