Earth Day 2023 in Debrecen

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On the occasion of Earth Day, various events are organized around the world to draw attention to the protection of the Earth’s natural environment.

On April 22, Debrecen would also host a number of program events, such as the illegal landfills, the GPS point-finding competition, or the Earth Day programs organized by the zoo.

Registration of illegal landfills as part of a GPS point-finding competition

A family contest, an exciting GPS point-finding competition is announced for car hikers, in the name of nature conservation. In addition to viewing beautiful places, viewpoints, studs, and herds, the organizer’s goal is to register the illegal garbage dumps accumulated on the sides of the roads around the city of Cívis.

The organizers provide space in a separate category for passenger cars or SUVs. Our programs are known to many people, we send them informational emails according to their saved email addresses.

For those who have already entered the competition, the organizers ask them to send a registration email to and write the detailed program and application conditions in the reply.

The event’s Facebook page.

Earth Day at the Debrecen Zoo

April 22 has been designated Earth Day for over five decades now, aimed at raising awareness of our shared responsibility for the conservation of our environment. For this special occasion, we have thematic events in store for this Saturday in addition to exhibiting the wonders of wildlife.
9:00-18:00 – Discover Our Collection (game maps available at the admission desk)
9:00-18:00 – Spark the Ethologist Inside Your and Observe Our Animals (research tables available at the admission desk)
10:00-15:00 – Adopt an Endangered Species (House of Knowledge)
10:00-15:00 – Recycling Corner (Gibbon House)
10:30, 13:30 & 15:30 – Falconry Shows (Hilltop)
10:00-11:30 – Responsible Pet Ownership (House of Knowledge
10:00-13:00 – Bone Exhibit and Zoo Quiz (House of Knowledge)
12:00-13:30 – How Earth-conscious Are You? (House of Knowledge)
13:30-15:00 – Pollinator Conservation (House of Knowledge)
13:30-15:00 – Food Saving (House of Knowledge)
15:30-17:00 – Conserving Endangered Species (guided tour in Hungarian starting from the main entrance)
Animals in Action
9:30 – Nile Hippo Feed
10:00 – Tufted Capuchin Feed
10:00 – Red Panda Feed
10:00 – South American Tapir Feed
10:15 – Breakfast in Bunnyville
10:30 – Ring-tailed Coati Feed
10:45 – Marabou Stork Feed
11:00 – Meerkat Feed
11:00 – Lar Gibbon Feed
11:15-11:45 – Catta Walkthrough
11:30 – Two-toed Sloth and Large Hairy Armadillo Feed
13:15 – Banded Archerfish Feed
13:30 – Asian Lion Feed
13:45 – Introducing Our Penguins
14:00-14:20 – Take a Pic with the Macaws
14:30 – African Penguin Feed
15:00-15:30 – Catta Walkthrough
The event’s Facebook Page.

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