10th October – Day of the Big Forest

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Today is the day of the Big Forest.

Eighty years ago, the Big Forest in Debrecen was declared a protected area. After this event, Debrecen, nature conversation and the Big Forest became closely related to each other.

Eighty years ago, Jenő Nagy, a local ornithologist founded an association – Tiszántúli Bird Protection Association – whose members were working together in order to protect the Big Forest and its ‘flora and fauna’. Thanks to their work, on the 10th of October, in 1939, the city of Debrecen declared a natural monument from Ohat to the Gúthi Forest, a total of 35 sites and 74 hectares.

From that day on, the 10th of October is the day of the Big Forest in Debrecen.


Source: www.haon.hu

Photo: www.pixabay.com


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