Halloween Party at the Amusement Park

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On October 31, the witching night of Halloween, we are hosting this year’s very last special amusement park event between 17:00 and 22:00, with a truly spooktastic program for those bravest. You will be able to walk amongst witches, ghosts and various other uncanny creatures, dancing round a bonfire with them; or, for instance, have your palms read by a fortune-teller to learn what their future holds.

To name but a few program items, the event shall include:

– Fortune Teller’s Corner
– Arts and Crafts Corner (face painting and various activities)
– fire jugglers
– LED show
– Dare at the Palm House
– bonfire

As usual, there will be a blood donation spot set up by the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service.

And, of course, all amusement park rides will be made available for you.

Tickets are available at a price of 1600 HUF per person, and there are also Magic Wristband passes for 3500 HUF each, granting entry AND unlimited access to all amusement park rides for the duration of the event; buy them in advance at cash desks or online at www.jegymester.hu, or on-site. Also, feel free to don any spooky costume you like to help us make this night even more thrilling.

More info and full program at:

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