This year’s first newborn: A snow-white baby goat

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The New Year has once again been very happy for us as one of our doe goats gave birth to a female offspring on January 7. The very first newborn in 2020, the one-week-old white kid is already exhibited in our vast wildlife enclosure, playing and jumping around a lot. She is in good health and has an excellent appetite. Interestingly enough, last year’s first newborn was also a goat – a West African pygmy, to be specific.

Ever popular residents of our Petting Zoo, goats (Capra hircus) were domesticated roughly at the same time as sheep were, making them one of the most ancient domestic animals. They are primarily kept for their meat and milk, but also for their horns, skin and hair; one of the softest yarns, mohair, is in fact made from the hair of the Angora breed. Goats are some of the most autonomous domestic animals, easily turning feral upon escape. They are also very good climbers with an excellent sense of balance and the only ruminant species known to frequently climb trees.

Come check out the little snowball and all out other winter wonders.


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