Spring Baby Boom Continues

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Despite the temporary closure, life still very much goes on at our Zoo, with a domestic goat kid born recently.

Taken good care of by her mother, she has an excellent appetite and enjoys playing around in their vast enclosure on the premises of our amusement park – come visit us when we reopen and check them out while taking a leisurely ride on our Miniature Train. Interestingly, this year’s very first newborn was also a baby goat, as we reported back in January.

Domesticated roughly at the same time as sheep were, goats (Capra hircus) are some of the most ancient domestic animals, kept primarily for their meat but also for their horns, skin and hair – one of the world’s softest yarns, mohair, is actually made from the hair of the Angora breed. Goats are quite autonomous for a domestic species, surpassed only by cats, which means they can easily turn feral upon escape. Due to their excellent climbing skills and sense of balance, they are the only ruminant that can climb trees. Hopefully, you will soon be able to meet them up close at the Amusement Park as well as in our Petting Enclosure.


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