Valais Blacknose Born at Debrecen Zoo

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This spring, too, the Debrecen Zoo have some splendid news involving the Valais Blacknose family acquired in 2018 as, on May 13, their female gave birth to yet another healthy offspring after about 150 days of gestation. Strong and playful but sure to remain by his caring parents’ side for a good while, the cute little male has a great time in their enclosure and an excellent appetite.

Originally from the canton of Valais in Southwest Switzerland, the Valais Blacknose is an exceptionally large, sturdy, and robust mountain breed with a telling name that derives from the mask-like black patterns around the eyes and snout. Another iconic characteristic is that both rams and ewes have spiral horns. Due to the breed’s calm and peaceful temperament and particularly affectionate nature, visitors will also be able to meet up close the institution’s Valais Blacknose family, currently the only one found in Hungarian zoos, during the 3-day-long Children’s Day event this weekend.


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