Patterns of Being Local: Recent Book on the Cívis City Fills a Gap

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István Balogh, historian and ethnographer, published his monograph with the title ’Being local in Debrecen’ in 1969. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its publication, a new study has been prepared ’Patterns of being local in Debrecen’, which revised the concept.

Ferenc Kazinczy talked critically about localness in Debrecen. The volume presented in Déri Museum on 7 July 2020 offers an answer to the meaning of this concept, to what preceded it, and what were its effects later. Representatives of the different disciplines held a conference on this topic two and a half years ago in 2018. The present volume contains these presentations and maps the diversity of the cívis identity and of what it means to be a local of Debrecen.

– This is what we have given voice to so many times in this city, and this is what connects us. The studies that were presented as lectures of the conference and have been published now in a volume synthetize what we think of this phenomenon and partly uncover our roots that date back to centuries. They foster local patriotism and unity, which characterise the locals of Debrecen anyway – said Counsellor Szabolcs Komolay, Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Education of the General Assembly of Debrecen, at the book launch.


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