Debrecen Challenge: A Game Started for a Healthier City

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An initiative called DebrecenMob has been launched to support active and sustainable transport.

The kilometres covered by the use of environmentally-friendly modes of transport are rewarded by the developers of the application. The details of the action were presented at a press conference held on 9 October. EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Centre launched the initiative called DebrecenMob in September, and its main aim is to support active and sustainable transport. It is possible now to join the second round, which lasts from 16 October to 15 November.

„Debrecen created this application together with Barcelona with the intent to start a little competition in the city. It aims to encourage people to reach their destinations by means of public transport or by bike or even on foot, but definitely not by car” – emphasised Mayor László Papp.

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