200 people were hosted at the Debrecen food distribution – photographer’s report

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On the penultimate Saturday of September, the ” Egy Morzsányi Szeretet Egyesület” once again invited all those who didn’t have a place on the sunny side of life.

The report of the association.

Long, an hour before the start, at least eighty people were in line, waiting for food to keep coming. The price increases due to the epidemic are causing insurmountable difficulties for many families with small retirees and many children. Practically many people here in Debrecen are forced to look where civilians distribute free food. By the end of the food distribution, we were able to cater for at least two hundred poor people from Debrecen.

We try to help with our own talent: unfortunately, our strength is finite, as we do not manage from public funds, we have not received a penny of support since our establishment. Most of us operate from donations of a few thousand forints to “little people”. We are grateful to everyone who feels important to help our work.

The menu included paprika chicken, several pastries, canned liver, and of course fresh bread. The children also got a little delicacy.

It is probably also due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic that the audience has completely changed. It seems that the events of recent months have shattered the existence of more people. Never before have so many small retirees lined up for food, and their numbers are growing.

At least fifty small and large children came to the Crumbs Party with their parents, we can’t imagine a sadder sight. We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to have no hungry children in Hungary in the 21st century. This number is also growing, a lot of children are going to go hungry on the weekends if there is no free food distribution somewhere.

The “Morzsaparti” team has once again reached the limit of its performance today. We see more and more of our guests arriving, but it’s getting harder and harder to make sure everyone has food. Despite the fact that far more people than expected came again, we did not let anyone home empty-handed. Thank you for your donations so far, we are grateful for everything we have received.

However, we see that the cry for help from the fallen in society is heard by only a few, solidarity and charity are on the verge of being lost. We are not asking for help ourselves, but for those miserable people who have not even run on chicken back for a long time. Perhaps it would be worth thinking once over what the real world is like behind the bracket, as the lines – not only in Debrecen – are getting longer and longer.

The “Morzsaparti” team from Debrecen will next time invite people from difficult times living in Cívisváros. We ask all our well-meaning compatriots to support and help our work.

Our requests:

>> We are waiting for the application of restaurants and bakeries in Debrecen, who could be our partners in organizing “Morzsaparti “even more often in the city;

>> We are waiting for the offers, food, DURABLE FOOD, fruit, potatoes, cakes in unlimited quantities;

>> Computers, laptops are also welcome;

>> In preparation for Christmas, we have already started collecting children’s toys;

>> We also welcome volunteer helpers who feel they want to do something for the poor;

>> We also expect monetary donations.

The account number of the association:

“Egy Morzsányi Szeretet Egyesület”; Erste Bank; Account number: 11600006-00000000-93568971

Email address: morzsapartydebrecen@gmail.com.

Among other things, we thought of organizing online auctions of works, dedicated books, sports fields, etc., which are offered to the association by artists, creators, athletes, and individuals who want to support the poor in this way. We welcome any object that can be of value to others, can bring joy.

If you would like to contribute to our initiative, please let us know at the email address above.


– Andrea Lipcsei, the head of the association

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