The Community House is being renovated in the Csapókert

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The community house on Sulud Street is undergoing a comprehensive modernization. There are 25 civil communities in the building, and their representatives were informed by Mayor László Papp about the details of the investment on 14 October 2021. During the works until next summer, the city will temporarily provide a place for libraries, associations and societies in libraries and other community spaces.

The Community House in Csapókert was built in 1962. In addition to a number of non-governmental organizations, one of the sites of the City Social Service, the Sulk Street Elderly Club of the Csapókert Care Service, currently operates here. Modernization, which is now beginning, consists of three elements. On the one hand, the building is undergoing an energy renovation, as part of which the complete insulation and the renovation of the heating, ventilation and lighting system will be implemented, but accessibility and the installation of solar panels will also be part of the project. On the other hand, internal renovation and acquisition of equipment will take place in the part of the building serving as the location of the City Social Service. Finally, the House of Debrecen will be established in the community house, which will involve many interior alterations and spatial arrangements, including a complete renovation of the stage and dance floor.

The total cost of the renovation is approximately HUF 600 million. The work is contractually to be completed by the contractor in the summer of 2022. As a result of the investment, the building complex will not only be more beautiful, but will be able to operate in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way. After the renovation, all communities will be returned here, no group will lose their place.

– said Mayor László Papp.

The mayor added that they had reached an agreement with all the communities on how to continue their activities at the time the house closed.

About 20,000 people live in the Tap Garden. In terms of the number and activities of non-governmental organizations, it is one of the most active parts of the city: a total of 25 art groups and communities of common interest operate here, and approximately 700-800 people regularly come here for small community events.

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