A climbing frame was torn down in Debrecen, even though the new playground was handed over only a few days ago

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The ‘Sziget-kék’ playground was completed with HUF 1.2 billion, but part of it had to be closed shortly after its opening – read on the nlc.hu website.

The ‘Sziget-kék’ playground in Debrecen has opened

A climbing frame at the Sziget-kér playground in Debrecen is closed off from visitors by red and white tape after it was torn off, and two-centimeter screws are currently sticking out of the wood. All of this is unpleasant because the place, which was renovated with HUF 1.2 billion EU support, was handed over just four days ago after it had been closed for renovations since last September.

The former Százholdas Pagony playground was now named Sziget-kék after the writings of Magda Szabó, and in addition to the many new toys, the builders also saved some old favorites. The mini-town with its own train station and fire department became a big favorite, and the children also really like the five-story observation deck.

However, the wooden top of one of the climbing frames, unfortunately, broke under a little girl. The operator of the playground wrote that the free playground is extremely popular, and currently has five thousand visitors a day, so on the one hand it puts a huge load on the play elements, and on the other hand, many people do not use it as intended. Adults were especially warned that they cannot use the toys, and children must be watched by their companions.

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