Katalin Novák attended the hospice department of the Kenézy Hospital in Debrecen

Local News

Ildikó Pogácsás, head nurse of the Hospice-Palliative and Therapeutic Department, led the president around the corridors of the institution. Katalin Novák’s staff published a summary video of the visit today.

According to the head nurse, the department has been operating at Kenézy Hospital since March 2017. The President of the Republic also looked into some patient rooms and talked with the workers and family members. A family story of her own has also emerged.

Hospice refers to the humane, complex care of cancer patients in the final stages of their serious illness. The aim of the care is to improve the patient’s quality of life: alleviating their physical and mental suffering, supporting their physical and mental activity, and helping their relatives bear the burden of illness and grief.



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