150 portions of food were distributed in Debrecen

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The Debrecen Women’s Public Life Association of Kéretlen Figyelem hosted its usual free food distribution at the end of the month.

Announcement of the association:

Long before the start of the food distribution, the cold people gathered at Petőfi Square in Debrecen. They pulled their jackets over themselves and tried – with little success – to find a place sheltered from the wind. The people of Debrecen, mostly pensioners, kept coming to the square. There are many people living in the city who receive low pensions, since after the regime change, the largest employer in the region ceased to exist, and tens of thousands became forced pensioners.

Many people stated that they do not understand how the wages of the Prime Minister, the President of the State, the Speaker of the Parliament, and the members of the National Assembly could increase by hundreds of thousands of forints from March 1. In 2010, Viktor Orbán talked about outrageous wages and promised a puritanical and cheap state. What if the prime minister wasn’t such a “puritan”? ” “Our lives are in ruins, we would expect those receiving multi-million benefits while the crisis lasts to cancel the increase,” said a pensioner. “They preach water and drink the best quality French champagne,” he added.

“The people sitting there in the tower house have no idea what it means to live on HUF 93,500 a month,” said the eighty-year-old lady standing next to her. ” If I eat, I cannot pay utilities; if I pay utilities, I have nothing to buy food with. And then I didn’t even talk about the drugs. Why do I feel that pensioners are only important to the government during elections? I don’t want to live like a beaten dog, on the bread of grace,” said one of the returning guests.

By the end of the food distribution, we distributed 150 portions of stuffed cabbage. Many people also brought food to sick husbands, wives, and family members at home. There were also plenty of turnips from the pastry. There were many new faces among our guests who tried to fight poverty somehow, but now they only have hope for a better life.

We respectfully thank the Pro Filii Foundation, and the bakeries, especially the bakery in Hajdúszovát, for their support.

The association will next welcome its guests with a warm lunch on March 26, 2023.

We are also waiting for donations from the residents of Debrecen, mainly SUSTAINABLE food, fruit, and potatoes. We are also happy to provide children’s toys and books.
If you want to help or provide support, you can contact us at the phone number below.

Mobile (every day of the week): +36 30 9841 963

By bank transfer: Debrecen Women’s Public Association of Kéretlen Figyelem account number: Polgári Bank ZRT 612 00261-11059802. In the announcement, please write: food distribution, 2023


– Tukoráné Kádár Ibolya, president of the association –

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