Firefighters were called to several areas in Debrecen due to the stormy wind

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At dawn on Wednesday, a car slid into a ditch between Debrecen and Hajdúböszörmény, the firefighters inspected the vehicle. The ambulance service transported the two passengers of the car to the hospital.

In Hajdúszoboszló, on Wesselényi utca, the wind broke down a metal fence, endangering pedestrian traffic, so the professional firefighters from Hajdúszoboszló removed the part of the fence with hand tools.

The professional firefighters in Debrecen first went to Áfonya Street. There, a branch of a fifteen-meter-tall acacia tree split off, which was cut with a chainsaw by rescuers from a height. Bricks fell from the firewall of an uninhabited house on Miklós Street onto the roof of the neighboring apartment building. Firefighters removed the loose bricks. A large tree fell on Rózsástelep Street, endangering traffic. Firefighters also intervened with chainsaws. They were also alerted to the Pallagi road, where a large tree caused a problem as well. The tree was cut down with a chainsaw by professional firefighters together with the Debrecen volunteer unit.

In Hajdúszoboszló, a tree fell on a power line in Fertő Street. The city’s professional firefighters were alerted, and they removed the tree using a chainsaw using a ladder.

A car crashed into a light pole on Dózsa György Street in Vámospércs on Wednesday. Professional firefighters from Debrecen de-energized the vehicle and secured the scene until the electricity supplier arrived.

In the evening, an unloaded truck fell into the ditch in Hortobágy, near the bridge. Professional firefighters from Balmazújváros and Hajdúszoboszló went to the scene, inspected the vehicle and de-energized it. The truck driver was taken to the hospital by the ambulance service.


Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate

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