Zoltán, the youngest member of the Debrecen zoo’s gray cattle family, was born

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The spring baby boom began in the Cívisváros park, where on March 8 another healthy offspring was born in the Hungarian gray cattle family with roots in Hortobágy. The vigorous little bull calf, named Zoltán according to the name day of his birthday, enjoys an excellent appetite and explores his surroundings with increasing curiosity, although he still spends a lot of time resting under the care of his mother. It is interesting that, contrary to their breed name, gray cattle calves are born with reddish hair and change to their well-known color at the age of a few months.

Zoo Debrecen is committed to the preservation of indigenous animal species and breeds, and in this regard, the Hungarian gray cattle is particularly important to it, which, with its iconic appearance and many centuries of history, is one of the main features of the Great Plain and still represents significant economic and cultural value.

To the delight of the Park’s employees and visitors, new offspring are born every year in the breeding team in Debrecen in the late winter and early spring.



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