DKV received an outstanding family-friendly place award from the government

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DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt was honored with the Family-Friendly Place 2023 award. The recognition was presented by Ágnes Hornung, State Secretary responsible for families at the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, and Dr. Ágnes Szuromi-Kovács, Executive Director of the Family-Friendly Hungary Center, to Szabolcs Tóth, CEO of the Company May 11, 2023, in Vigado, Pest, at the Brand Gala of the Family Friendly Hungary Center, writes

According to the announcement of the DKV, the Company was awarded in the category between 100 and 1000 employees. The company believes

“the award is a perfect confirmation of the activity that DKV Zrt. carries out and confirms in order to support its employees; it’s good to work at the company as a family!”

In the employee community of DKV Zrt., in which all age groups are involved, in addition to atypical forms of employment, the multifaceted benefit system and health prevention programs play a special role. The Company’s organizational culture is determined by the family-friendly value system, so its measures are aimed at keeping the personal and family interests of its colleagues in mind and helping them to balance work and private life. This activity was awarded the Outstanding Family-Friendly Place 2023 award. The prize is awarded according to a rating system based on an objective analysis, on the basis of which the Family-Friendly Hungary Center decides which organizations can receive it, says the DKV.

One of the main aspects of awarding the recognition was that the Company widely uses forms of atypical and flexible employment, such as part-time, flexible working hours, or shift schedules that meet the needs of the employees, but the flexibility of the system is also clearly indicated by the fact that employees can even they can also exchange their work schedules. The Company also tries to flexibly handle employee requests for the place of work, whether it is about the starting point of the bus drivers. Office workers have the opportunity to work from home in the form of Home Office and telecommuting. The DKV also provides opportunities for the disabled, employing them in many fields.

The Company’s wide range of employee benefits also played a role in winning the award. With an annual pass, employees can use the Company’s flights free of charge, and with the DKV discount card they can use services at a discount from many partners. Additional benefits include life and accident insurance, health insurance, payment advance, employer’s interest-free loan, maternity support and the reintegration with the education of those staying on CSED or GYED, the announcement also reads.

Among the organizational services, the company phone fleet discount that can be extended to family members, the discounted children’s camping option and the discounted holiday option in the DKV resorts in Mátrafüred and Tiszafüred should be highlighted. This summer, the company is organizing a test camp for the employees’ children – which involves only a minimal financial contribution from the parents – thereby helping them with childcare during the summer holidays. The DKV also organizes events for the employees, and the children also receive a Santa package. The Company also emphasizes health promotion; helps employees with mental health counseling; a psychologist and a coach are also available. DKV makes it easier to inform employees with its internal communication online system, “BIK”, where you can find news, useful information and photo galleries about the Company.

DKV conducts an annual employee satisfaction survey on family-friendly measures, and further family-friendly measures are being prepared as part of a 5-year strategic plan. “The goal is that employees with a balanced family life can contribute with their commitment to the success of the organization, as they have done so far,” the company writes.

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