Army teams despatched to more strategic firms

Army teams are being deployed to help 84 strategic companies in connection with novel coronavirus, a defence ministry official said.

The teams have been despatched to 71 companies, vital in producing oxygen and supplying food, Romulusz Ruszin, the head of the defence minister’s secretariat, told an online press conference of the operative board in charge of epidemic response. The most important aspect when selecting which companies to deploy the teams to the companies in question was ensuring continued supplies to the public, he added.

Meanwhile, the defence ministry said that the additional 13 companies are in the telecom, food, pharmaceutical and gas supply sectors. They include Magyar Telekom, food retailers Tesco-Global, CBA, Spar and Coop, drug makers Egis, Sanofi, Richter and TEVA, and gas companies. It noted the March 13 decision to establish army teams were part of government measures to combat the epidemic. Among their duties is to provide security for these companies, the ministry said in a statement.
Defence Minister Tibor Benkő announced on March 19 that the military would send “steering forces” to work with the country’s strategic companies.



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