Precipitation and a little cooling will also arrive this week


A peak of around 30 degrees is expected in the next few days as well, and cooling is expected only in the second half of the week. There will be a lot of sunshine, but rain is expected several times, according to the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

A lot of sunshine is expected on Monday. Primarily in Transdanubia and the northern counties, showers and thunderstorms may occur in some places, but precipitation is not excluded elsewhere. The highest daytime temperatures are likely to be between 25 and 30 degrees.

On Tuesday at dawn there may be occasional spots of mist and fog. A lot of sunshine is usually expected during the day. Occasionally there may be light rain, showers, or in the west a thunderstorm. The air warms up from 7-15 degrees in the morning to 24-29 degrees in the afternoon.

In some places there may be fog fog at dawn on Wednesday, then in addition to the clouds of veils and cumulus, longer sunshine can be expected in the east and shorter in the western part of the country. Occasionally there may be light rain, showers, or a thunderstorm. The lowest temperature is usually between 7 and 15 degrees and the peak temperature between 25 and 31 degrees.

On Thursday, with shorter sunny periods, the sky will be heavily cloudy in much of the country. There will be sporadic rain, showers and thunderstorms. The minimum temperature is usually expected to be between 10 and 18 degrees and the maximum between 23 and 30 degrees.

On Friday, in the first half of the day, mostly cloudy weather is expected, with rain, showers, thunderstorms in some places, then more and more ruptures from west and northwest, clouds are declining, and precipitation is still likely in some places, especially in the east. 10-17 in the morning and 20-25 in the afternoon.

According to the weather image, we can expect 12 millimeters of rain around Debrecen from Thursday to Sunday:

On Saturday, mainly in the northeastern part of the country, the sun may set for several more hours, elsewhere the clouds may increase more strongly from the southwest. Significant precipitation is unlikely in the north-east, but rain and showers may fall in several places from the south-west. The lowest temperature is between 6 and 15 degrees and the highest temperature is between 21 and 26 degrees.

On Sunday, there may be occasional showers and showers in the south and southeast, and later in the north and northeast there may be showers. The temperature usually rises from 6-15 degrees in the morning to 20-26 degrees – read the forecast.



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