Foggy, Gloomy Saturday Ahead of Us


Sunday and Monday are expected to be the same.


There is thick fog all over the country today which is only slowly disintegrating in several places. There will be many clouds above us and light rain in some places. Showers may also develop in the northwest, we can mostly prepare for cloud breaks and sunny periods in the windier western landscapes. In the northern part of Transdanubia, the northwesterly winds will be strong. In some places in the afternoon, the temperature can be between 2 and 10 degrees, the warmest will be in the northwestern regions.

On Sunday, especially in the landscapes east of the Danube, stratus clouds and fog can get stuck permanently. In Transdanubia, there may be longer periods of sunlight, no significant precipitation is expected there. In some places, there may be light rain, drizzle, or tin drizzle. In cloudy areas, the north wind will be weak, we can measure -3, +4 in the morning, and 3-9 degrees in the afternoon.

Monday is not going to be better: the morning fog and stratus clouds can get stuck in a large area again. Light rain, drizzle may occur in some places, longer or shorter sunlight periods can be expected in the east and southeast. In the northern part of Transdanubia, the south-southeast wind can be brisk, sometimes strong. -3, +3 degrees is expected in the morning, the peak temperature will be between 3 and 8 degrees.

On Tuesday, with the exception of the western landscapes, there is a prospect of longer sunny periods. Significant precipitation is unlikely the eastern wind may be accompanied by strong gusts in Transdanubia. At dawn, in the clear eastern landscapes, the air can cool down to around -5 degrees, during the day it is expected to be 2-8 degrees.

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