Mild, rainy weather is expected during the weekend


Mild weather is also expected in the second half of the week: the highest daytime temperature will be between 3 and 10 degrees Celsius, and light frost may occur in the morning hours. On Friday night, it will start to rain in several places, on Saturday the sun will shine, except for the eastern and northeastern counties, but on Sunday again very cloudy and overcast weather is expected, with rain, showers, sleet, and snow in the mountains – is revealed in the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service, which was delivered to MTI.

On Friday, the sky will be mostly cloudy or overcast, but smaller or larger breaks and thinning in the cloud cover may occur, especially in the morning. In the northern counties, there may be weak visibility until evening, then rain will start to fall more and more from the northwest and north. The south, south-west wind may pick up at times. The highest daytime temperature is between 3 and 10 degrees.

Until Saturday morning, there will be rain in several places, in the northeast, especially on the mountain peaks, sleet and snow. The frontal clouds move eastward, and in the morning it may rain only in Tiszántúl. Stratus clouds may remain mainly in the northeastern and eastern counties, the sun will shine elsewhere, and veil clouds will arrive from the west in the afternoon, which will thicken at night. A drizzle may still form from the stratiform cloud. The west, north-west, and south winds are brisk in many directions, accompanied by strong gusts in some places. The temperature will be between minus 2 and plus 5 in the morning, between 4 and 10 degrees in the early afternoon, the weather will be milder in the southwest.

Mostly cloudy or overcast weather is likely on Sunday. In several places, there may be drizzle, then rain, showers, sleet, and snow may also fall in the mountains. From the south, southwest, and from the evening on the Transdanubia, the northwest wind intensifies in many places and strengthens in some places. The lowest night temperature will be between minus 2 and plus 5, the highest daytime temperature will be between 3 and 11 degrees, it will be colder in the northeast.

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